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About Clearwater Systems

Clearwater Systems stands at the forefront of Reverse Osmosis and EDI technology and has done so for over 16 years. To date Clearwater, continues to maintain many of their original installations dating back to 1989. Our strict adherence to proven design principles and attention to detail over and above expectations, backed by persistent care and operator education will give your system the longest life cycle in the business -- often two to three times as long as others. Our ZERO DOWNTIME systems installed in several locations bring system dependability to a totally new level.

These excellent statistics are achieved by listening to and involving our client in the entire design application process. The end result is a system built to their exact specification. This customer-attention continues with ongoing formal on and offsite training provided by Clearwater Systems to both operators and managers.

Why RO + EDI

Production of deionized water, once a complicated process involving the use of hazardous acid and caustic soda to regenerate resins and requiring operator attention on a regular basis has now been made easy as 1-2-3.

Reverse Osmosis is the heart of the modern water purification system, which by the use of the semi permeable membrane removes up to 99.6% of the total dissolved solids present in feed water. RO made its debut on the industrial water treatment scene over 30 years ago and since that time, through refinement, has become the most economical, practical and safe method for water purification. Throughout the world, more primary deionization is now done by reverse osmosis than by all other methods combined!

Electrodeionization, the successful merger of membrane technology with mixed bed DI resins, has become the industry standard for rendering high purity water from RO permeate. Removing the few remaining ions from the RO permeate, typically having a resistivity >200 kΩ (conductivity >5 µS/cm), the EDI process easily takes water to a resistivity of over 15 MΩ and as high as 18 MΩ, on a continuous basis without the need for regeneration or any chemicals. The result is an ideal process that is both user and environmentally friendly with far lower operational costs than conventional DI and without chemicals.

EDI has a proven track record with installations the world over totalling several hundred thousand GPM. Its safety, reliability and low operating costs make it the most viable way to produce high purity water for power generation. Its consistency is second to none, eliminating the risk of water related issues on the turbine. Clearwater has been building and servicing EDI systems since 1995 with installations maintaining 'as new' performance and extremely high stability over time.

Pretreatment - Where It All Begins

Our high level of system integrity involves special attention to all steps in the treatment chain beginning with the very crucial pretreatment phase.

The reverse osmosis membrane is a very high performance yet sensitive component. Protection of the membranes from damage due to chlorine, chloramines and abrasives as well as performance-robbing organic and metal oxide foulants present in the feedwater is the greatest contributing factor to long term reliability.

Clearwater's multi stepped pretreatment includes:

Cation Softening to remove metal oxides, which are often present due to shedding in water mains. These metal oxides coat membranes, reduce salt rejection and permeate flux. They also help other foulants adhere which further inhibits performance.

Ultrafiltration (to 0.1 µm) produces a feedwater with turbidity below 0.6 NTU virtually eliminating the colloidal particles largely responsible for membrane degradation due to abrasion. The ultrafiltration system itself uses membranes, however these membranes, which are far more robust than their RO counterparts easily withstand the long term effects of the feedwater.

Adsorption by Activated Carbon. Clearwater oversizes the activated carbon filters (minimum 7.5 minutes EBCT) so that damaging oxidants are effectively eliminated along with performance-inhibiting organics.

Features + Benefits

Building systems that preserve membrane integrity and have the lowest operating costs has become our trademark.

By incorporating ultra effective and complete pretreatment as well as features like our pure water flush and permeate divert, we have stretched the limits of membrane conservation beyond expectations. The result is a system that delivers the highest degree of stability and longest life cycle in the business.

Clearwater Duplex and Triplex RO systems have proven 100% reliable in all applications. A Clearwater Duplex RO installed in 1998 at Sealed Air Cryovac's 24/7 operation in Mississauga, Ontario has been in service since then and despite one pump failure has never shut down. Membranes originally installed in 1998 continue to perform as they did when new and are expected to continue doing so for several more years.

Clearwater has always believed in applying the latest technologies to the machines we build. Incorporating the latest Hydranautics ESPA 4 membranes translates into the lowest operating pressures in the industry and this means lowest possible operating costs.

The combination of superior pretreatment, RO and EDI means maximum steam purity today and everyday with no chance of carryover. No chemicals translates to zero operator risk and a system that will run itself.

Clearwater Systems, your lowest risk option - Guaranteed!   3 years all parts and labour.

It Is Our Goal To Become Your Water Treatment Specialist.

Clearwater Systems is proud to include among our clients such fine companies and institutions as:

  • The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Canada
  • Glaxo SmithKline
  • Ice River Springs, Ontario
  • Ice River Springs, Massachusetts
  • Ice River Springs, Alberta
  • Ice River Springs, Florida
  • Ice River Springs, Indiana
  • Ice River Springs, North Carolina
  • SGS Laboratories
  • Sunnybrook Hospital
  • St Joseph Hospital
  • CibaVision Novartis
  • Campbell's Soup
  • Chrysler Canada
  • Owens Corning
  • Con Cast Pipe
  • Campbell Family Institute
  • Princess Margaret Hospital, Toronto, Canada
  • Homegrown Halide and Hydroponics
  • Carulla Vivero Colombia S.A.
  • Baxter Pharmaceutical, Colombia S.A.
  • Atomic Energy Canada Ltd.
  • Kraft Foods
  • Dare Cookies
  • Maple Leaf Meats
  • Schneiders
  • Laboratorios JGB Colombia
  • Cerveceria Centro Americana S. A. Guatemala
  • Alimentos Maravilla S. A. Guatemala