Water Purification System Design

Andrew Thomas leads our master in-house design team. Dedicated to leading edge design, our mechanical, electrical and information engineers combine talents and are why Clearwater's systems achieve some of the highest reliability and lowest operating costs in the industry.

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Water Purification System Troubleshooting and Repair

Paul Thomas leads our team of expert technicians and field service representatives. People who rely on their water system for day-to-day operations have come to depend on Clearwater for fast, friendly and dependable service. Whether your system is new, old or really old, one of our own, or a fine system built by others Clearwater is able to care for your needs. Paul and his team of technicians and field service reps are only a phone call away. Our normal service area covers southern Ontario, Canada however we are also available for consultation anywhere.

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Specialized RO and EDI System Cleaning and Maintenance

Clearwater's superior membrane and EDI cleaning capabilities and the resulting economies of operation have earned us the loyalty of mission critical RO and EDI users in a wide variety of industries including Pharmaceutical, Beverage and others. Send us your data and we will be pleased to offer our assistance.

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Water Purification System Fabrication

The various integrated components working in unison as a system, to purify and preserve ultra pure water must be manufactured to the highest standards. Clearwater maintains these high standards through the application of solid water treatment principles and good manufacturing practices. Included among Clearwater's many capabilities are structural, process stainless welding, and electrical panel building.

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Education for Operators and Engineers

Technology in the water treatment industry is evolving at an ever increasing rate. Keeping up with the latest technologies requires ongoing education. Clearwater has always believed that an informed customer is our best customer. We offer a number of sessions and round table discussions throughout the year as well as customized in house training covering specific topics.

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Clearwater Systems is a multi-faceted company whose experienced team of dedicated problem solvers work at all project levels. From conception to design through to fabrication, installation and post sales support. A vertically integrated company from the onset, Clearwater's fabrication is largely done "in house" for maximum quality control.