CWCS CIP Systems for Reverse Osmosis and EDI System

Membrane and EDI Module Cleaning & Sanitization Unit

CWCS Membrane Cleaning and Sanitization System

(CWCS-1300-2 Shown)

System Info

  • Unique bi-directional flow control valves permit optimum cleaning.
  • Integrated high wattage electric or steam heaters with automatic temperature control.
  • Full draining conical tanks equipped with anti-vortex and anti foaming devices.
  • Corrosion resistant high flow low pressure pump.
  • Lowering wheel set for easy mobility.
  • Stainless steel structure for durability.
  • Power-drain feature vacates tanks in minutes.
  • Multiple-parameter protection for safety.
  • Several sizes available to suit any requirement.
  • Made in Canada.

System Applications

  • Cleaning RO Membranes
  • Cleaning EDI Modules
  • Cleaning Softeners


Increase membrane life by 2 to 3 times or more by removing harmful organics, inorganics, and metal oxides from membrane surfaces.

Optimum cleaning will reduce operating costs by allowing full permeate flow.

Reduce operating costs by allowing full permeate flow.

Best permeate quality can be achieved by removing foulants which impede water quality.

Effective sanitization procedures can be performed assuring compliance.

Can be connected to any Reverse Osmosis or Electrodeionization system.

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Anti-Vortex Device