CWF-AC Series Activated Carbon Filters

Activated Carbon Filters

CWF-AC Activated Carbon Filtration System

Filtracarb SX0 12 x 30 AW (Activated Carbon Brand)

  • A granular activated carbon manufactured from specially selected grades of coconut shells. The material is manufactured under stringently controlled conditions by steam activation, to produce a porous adsorbent with a highly developed internal surface area.
  • Versatile liquid phase adsorbent.
  • Low pressure drop characteristics.
  • Excellent product hardness.
  • Supplied to BS EN ISO 9002:1994.
  • Acid washed.


The Clearwater line of CWF-AC Carbon Filters are available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations to handle flows from 1 US GPM (3.79 L/min) and up.

Carbon filter design is carefully evaluated for each individual application in order to implement the best suited equipment for the job. Careful attention to flow rates, contact times, influent and effluent quality and sanitizability requirements also play a vital role in system design.

Every Clearwater CWF-AC Series Carbon filter is built into a high quality polyglass, composite or stainless steel pressure vessel.

Systems are available equipped with manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic controls for backwash and or sanitization procedures.

Only the highest quality acid-washed coconut shell derived activated carbon is used. Most applications use a 12 × 30 mesh, however 20 × 50 mesh is available upon request.

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with Thermal Sanitization System

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