CWPTS-95 Pretreatment System

Pretreatment system with Automated Dechlorinator and monitors for TDS, Hardness and Chlorine

CWPTS-95 Pretreatment System
  • UPS Power Supply to protect all sensitive instruments.
  • Conductivity measurement by Thornton 200CR.
  • Automated Dechlorination by Prominent D1C.
  • Hardness monitored by Hach 1220.
  • Dechlorination verification by Hach CL-17.
  • Stainless steel structure for lasting appearance.
  • Control Panels in NEMA 4X Enclosures.

System Applications


The CW PTS-95 is a skid mounted system to prepare water for downstream Ultrafiltration system and Reverse Osmosis. It incorporates state of the art automated Dechlorination with monitors for incoming water quality as well as Dechlorination confirmation. All data from the PTS-95 is relayed to the central PLC Controller and Panel Display.

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