CWRO 8040-I Reverse Osmosis System

Reverse Osmosis System For Industrial Purified Water

System Info

  • Pure water production 125 L/min (33 US GPM) and up.
  • Industrial design with Tri-Clamp and Flange connections throughout.
  • High pressure lines in 316 stainless tubing.
  • Multi stage centrifugal pump in 316 stainless steel.
  • Five point electronic pressure measurement with panel display.
  • Up to four point conductivity measurement.
  • Hydranautics ESPA membranes for maximum efficiency, high rejection and production.
  • Membrane auto-flush with permeate.
  • Product water divert valve activated upon system startup to flush pure water lines and in the case that product water quality is below setpoint.
  • Industrial PC Controlled system with touch sensitive colour LCD display.
  • Electronic flow meters with display on Industrial PC.
  • Colour LCD HMI display shows all operating parameters in a graphical context.
  • Isolation/Divert valves to facilitate optimum membrane cleaning and sanitization.
  • Stainless steel structure for lasting appearance and durability.
  • Made in Canada.

System Applications

System Technologies

  • Reverse Osmosis


The Clearwater line of industrial duty Reverse Osmosis demineralizers include many advanced features, all of which contribute to the system's ultra high level of performance and dependability. Systems are built with features such as automatic permeate divert which works to guarantee that only the highest quality water proceeds downstream and a membrane flush with permeate to preserve membrane integrity.

"Smart" controls with colour touch sensitive displays further enhance the systems's user friendliness and Clearwater's commitment to building water treatment systems of quality, second to none. Systems are available in both single and double pass configurations with flow rates starting at 125 L/min (33 GPM).

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