CWS High-Efficiency Water Conditioners

Water Conditioners to Soften Water, Remove Iron (up to 3 ppm), and Remove Tannins

CWS High-Efficiency Water Softeners

System Info

  • Premium-Quality, High Capacity Resin.
    (Cation or Specialty)
  • ¾" Riser Tube For Excellent Flow.
  • Fail-Safe Brine Control.
  • Reliable Fleck control valves operate all functions of the softener.
  • Poly Glass Mineral Tanks.
    All Clearwater softener tanks are constructed of a high-density non-corrosive polyethylene shell and reinforced with a fibreglass outer roving. These tanks have a maximum working pressures of 150 PSI and a working temperature up to 120°F.
  • Brine Tanks.
    All Clearwater softeners are supplied with blow-moulded, high-density polyethylene brine tanks. These tanks are attractive, and are guaranteed not to crack. Clearwater Brine Tanks use a Calibrated Salt Grid System for precise salt dosification and maintenence-free operation.
  • Made in Canada.

System Applications


Designed for dependable operation year after year, Clearwater's line of high efficiency water conditioners are assembled with the highest quality components available. Conditioners are available in a wide array of configurations to treat specific water characteristics including hardness, iron and tanins. All Clearwater conditioners feature hydraulically balanced motor driven piston control valves to assure smooth operation and excellent longevity. Regeneration is meter initiated for economical operation and all are equipped with calibrated brine systems for consistent performance.

Clearwater backs all softeners with a 2 year warranty covering both parts and labour.

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