CWUF-HC Ultrafiltration Systems - Up To 130 L/min

Guarantee Potability, Eliminate Turbidity and Organics

CWUF-HC Ultrafiltration System

The HYDRAcap Advantage

  • Low fouling hydrophilic polyethersulfone membrane.
  • Durable fibre structure, robust module design with lightweight and compact construction.
  • Resistant to chlorine, peroxide and a wide range of cleaning agents.
  • Exceeds the requirements of the Surface Water Treatment Rule (SWTR) and other European standards by exhibiting over 5 log removal efficiency for bacteria and viruses, and reducing turbidity levels to <0.06 NTU.
  • Direct or cross-flow service provides operating flexibility and higher recovery rates.
  • CADHS, NSF/EPA and DWI (U.K.) certifications for materials of construction, operation, and pathogen removal efficiency.
  • Over 20 years of capillary membrane manufacturing experience.

HYDRAcap Capillary Technology vs. Conventional Pretreatment

  • Significantly better filtrate quality as compared to conventional pretreatment, exhibiting 100% removal of colloidal material.
  • Single-step treatment reduces operating costs, increases efficiency.
  • "Chemical Free" - Dramatically reduces use of pretreatment chemicals.
  • Backwash disposal is less problematic.
  • Low pressure feed and backwash operation.
  • Increased efficiency of RO membrane system design and operation, contributing to reduced capital and operation cost.

System Applications

System Technologies

  • Ultrafiltration

  • 100% removal of colloidal material, 5 Log removal of bacteria and viruses.
  • Costs much less to operate than systems using throw away cartridge filters.
  • Removes far more than sand or multi-media filters and takes up a fraction of the space.
  • Operates automatically with minimal operator involvement.
  • Boosts efficiency and longevity of carbon filters and RO systems by 2x or more.
  • Ultimate versatility, identical systems can be applied as primary treatment or final polishing.
  • Made in Canada.

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